Some call it a life-crisis, I call it an awakening.
You are awakening to Your true self.

All sessions are in Swedish or English
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Emotional trauma

Integrating old unhandled emotional events, also called trauma, is very important.
These events/feelings are stored in the body and create triggers, tension, stress, negative thought patterns and false truths about oneself. Both the big and small unhandled events create our personality and govern our everyday life. This will certainly lead to a great burnout and something people nowadays call a "life-crisis". This is actually the opposite: Your chance to awaken. More and more people today choose to set themselves free from this and live a more authentic and joyful life. I would be happy to help if you are one of them.
Modalities: Hypnosis, Deep breathing (Breathwork), Energy-work, Neuroaffective Touch, Guidance & Therapy.


My guests and I cover everything about awakening and healing - plus lots of other fun! The podcast is sometimes in Swedish and sometimes in English, depending on the guest.



(swe or eng)


Tommy Inkilä

It all started with a severe burnout.

The Burnout was just a giant reminder/ alarm to get back to my true self which was hidden deep in my core, behind layers and layers of programming, negative thought-patterns, emotional trauma, false beliefs and conditionings. All of the above creates huge amounts of stress, tension and fear in our lives. 
I am here to help You get back to who Your true-self, when You are ready for it.
I can guarantee powerful insights, tension patterns that release and new perspectives on life.
All this leads to a more balanced life and several steps closer to your true self.