How does it work? (My Breathwork)

Breathwork has been used for thousands of years to access the stillness that exists beyond / behind the thinking mind. When you reach stillness, you also reach your memories that sit in the muscles and nervous system. These can be difficult to access otherwise.

The Breathwork technique I teach in groups and privately is called ecstatic breathwork. It is not a hyper-ventilating breathing technique. Its deep, slow and profound.
It involves filling the stomach with air via the mouth, then the chest and finally blowing the air out. This is repeated for about 25 minutes, at a very calm pace. When we have done this for about 25 minutes, you end up in a very deep meditative state. This is because you go from Alpha brain waves to Delta brain waves.
The intention we have every time is to go "down" to the heart where all the truth you are looking for is found, and the body, which stores all your unhandled events/memories and feelings (emotional trauma).
During the time you breathe, your front part of the brain takes a break and so does your senses, making it difficult for the mind to construct and filter anything that needs to come to the surface.
When these pieces are temporarily by-passed you enter the depths behind the thinking mind and nervous system. When you disconnect the mind and ego, you make room for whatever is behind it (usually the unhandled events/emotions/memories). We walk around with so many negative and false thought patterns and beliefs which holds us pretty tied up. With the help of breathing, we begin to dissolve all this, you become more free and can change your old behaviors and thought patterns you don't like. You will experience true liberation from Your old self.

Tommy Inkilä

Years of Trauma-healing gave me these gifts.

After years of healing, it dawned on me: I need to share these powerful tools that helped me break through my old conditionings, thought-patterns, beliefs and trauma.
These tools have been the most powerful I have used in my journey to heal tension, negative thought-patterns, old conditionings, childhood trauma, and much more. In addition to this, these tools are very calming and balancing for both body, mind and spirit.
Now they are available, fully adapted by me, for you to use.
I can guarantee powerful insights, tension patterns that release and new perspectives on life.
All this leads to a more balanced life and several steps closer to your true self.

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