Guidance/ Therapy /  Integration

60 min

Swedish or English

1200 SEK


Are you facing a massive change in your life and don't quite know where to start? Do you call it a life crisis? I would say you are in an awakening.
Or have you allready taken the steps towards a more joyful life and feel totally confused, all of a sudden? 
Or did You maybe experience something painful or overwhelming in Your Breathwork or Plant-medicine journet and need to integrate it?
There can be many reasons why you need to talk to someone. You can call it therapy, guidance, integration or just a friendly talk. The name is really not that important. Its what You get out of the session when You leave, that is important.
I have personally gone from high-achieving, alcohol-addicted, exhausted father of two with complex PTSD to something completely different today. During my journey, I have gathered a lot of tools and experiences that I am happy to share with you. 

Tommy Inkilä

Years of Trauma-healing gave me these gifts.

After years of healing, it came to me: I need to share these powerful tools that helped me break through my old conditionings, thought-patterns, beliefs and trauma.
These tools have been the most powerful I have used in my journey to heal tension, negative thought-patterns, old conditionings, childhood trauma, and much more. In addition to this, these tools are very calming and balancing for both body, mind and spirit.
Now they are available, fully adapted by me, for you to use.
I can guarantee powerful insights, tension patterns that release and new perspectives on life.
All this leads to a more balanced life and several steps closer to your true self.

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