First meet

120 min
Swedish or English
Face 2 Face or by Zoom
2200 SEK
This meeting will set of the start to something very transforming, so I need to hear Your story. This is a friendly talk where You can mirror Yourself and what You believe about Yourself and the world around You. After having this talk, which can be triggering (in a very eye-opening way) we move on to Your body and heart.
"The body keeps the score" as they say. You emotional traumas, stress, tensions, self-destructive thoughts, false beliefs about yourself, destructive patterns are all stuck in Your body as emotional traumas, because of events that occurred early in You life -and Your brain doesn't know how to interpret that, so the brain thinks it just happened 24/7- and by that keeps us very much in a loop.
By moving in too our bodies, we start to bring these negative emotions that are stuck up to the surface for healing.
By connecting with our body, thru emotions, and the mind with the talk about what happened, we integrate and heal ourselves the right way.
And by connecting to our hearts, we connect to truth, which is another word for love.

Tommy Inkilä

It all started with a severe burnout.

The Burnout was just a giant reminder/ alarm to get back to my true self which was hidden deep in my core, behind layers and layers of programming, negative thought-patterns, emotional trauma, false beliefs and conditionings. All of the above creates huge amounts of stress, tension and fear in our lives. 
I am here to help You get back to who Your true-self, when You are ready for it.
I can guarantee powerful insights, tension patterns that release and new perspectives on life.
All this leads to a more balanced life and several steps closer to your true self.

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