BREATHWORK & Sound healing

Transformative Breathwork Experience & Sound Healing

Duration: 90 min

Location: Värmdö Yoga-center

Cost: 350 SEK

This extremely powerfull combination of modalities will give You what You need for a very deep and transformative experience. The difference between this session and the profound session is that we do not use the indigenous medicinies, such as Cacao and Hapé. We end the session with a Sound Healing journey with my Crystall singing bowls.



Breathwork has been used for thousands of years to heal trauma, release old patterns, release stress, release old programmings and alter the our conciousness.

Talk / NLP

Talk / NLP is a powerfull tool for the sub-concious mind during a breathwork session. Thanks to NLP we get deeper to the core of our sub-conciouss minds.

Touch Therapy

Your body stores all your unhandled emotions and events during your lifetime, in different parts of Your body. By gently touching the right spots, we are able to release stagnated emotions and unhandled events.

Sound Healing

We finish of the ceremony with a deep Sound Healing Journey. The frequencies of the Crystal singing bowls will harmonise your energy-centres (Chakras) and make You feel balanced.

The session

We start of the session by opening up the whole energetical healing-space and our heart-space with a meditation. 
During the Breathwork, I will gently Touch certain points of Your body which needs releasing of emotions and tension.  I will also use NLP which basically talking to Your sub-concious mind. This is where the re-programming is done. By doing all of this we heal the body and the nervous system. 
We finnish of the session with a deep and harmonizing Sound Healing journey with my Crystal singing bowls. Read more about my breathwork here

Tommy Inkilä

Years of Trauma-healing gave me these gifts.

After years of healing, it dawned on me: I need to share these powerful tools that helped me break through my old conditionings, thought-patterns, beliefs and trauma.
These tools have been the most powerful I have used in my journey to heal tension, negative thought-patterns, old conditionings, childhood trauma, and much more. In addition to this, these tools are very calming and balancing for both body, mind and spirit.
Now they are available, fully adapted by me, for you to use.
I can guarantee powerful insights, tension patterns that release and new perspectives on life.
All this leads to a more balanced life and several steps closer to your true self.

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